Covid-19 - 102-year-old recovers from coronavirus for the second time

Covid-19 – 102-year-old recovers from coronavirus for the second time

Incredible but true! 102-year-old New Yorker Angelina Friedman is a survivor of cancer, internal bleeding and sepsis. Then fought twice against the coronavirus, which has already claimed nearly 1.5 million lives worldwide. Born in 1918 on a boat transporting Italian migrants to the United States, Angelina experienced the ‘Spanish flu’ pandemic, World War II, cancer and sepsis. So…

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Coronavirus pandemic killed 400,000 worldwide

The coronavirus pandemic passed the threshold of 400,000 deaths worldwide on Sunday, continuing to make rapid progress in the countries of Latin America, to which Pope Francis expressed his compassion On Sunday, during his traditional Angelus prayer from his pontifical apartments overlooking Saint Peter’s Square, where hundreds of faithful were found, the head of the…

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Coronavirus: What Twitter accounts are “super diffusers” of false information in France?

The fake news concerning the coronavirus has literally exploded in recent weeks on social networks, especially on Twitter. “False information passed through the cracks despite the efforts made by Twitter which pin more content relaying news,” said Chine Labbé of NewsGuard, an organization specializing in pre-bunking. 20 Minutes listed the main accounts providing information during this…