The 17 best miniseries of 2020

The 17 best miniseries of 2020
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We continue with our review of the best that 1080p has given and beyond (isn’t it strange to talk about cathodic things at this point?): The most flowery of current television, whether on conventional television, pay television or on streaming platforms. streaming. After talking about comedies, this time we are going to a format that has been very helpful in fiction lately and more and more are being made: miniseries.

Stories that are encapsulated in a small number of episodes and that have stood out among the highlights of the year. So let’s go over which have been the 17 best miniseries aired in Spain this 2020.



Surprise that Orange has given us with its, officially, first original series. Of course, there they had Koldo Serra to promote a great result with the horror story of a group of young pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.


The Filmin Collapse

This is a great case of you either love her or hate her for how she tackles this issue of the aftermath of a system crash. But beyond the limitations it has precisely because of how it is planned, the eight episodes of this French miniseries are an absolute audiovisual frenzy.

‘The conspiracy against America’

Plot Against America

Although the serial format would have allowed David Simon to play better with its elements, the uchrony proposed by the scriptwriter is exemplary. Wynona Ryder and John Turturro headline this drama starring a Jewish family in a United States where anti-Semitism is rampant.


Des Scaled

The worst of ‘Des’ could be summed up in how unresolved it is. Of course, you have to understand that it could not be otherwise because, from the beginning, we are facing a constant conversation about why the character played by David Tennant did what he did. A very powerful and shocking miniseries.


Devs Offerman

Alex Garland’s miniseries arrived this past March confirming that the brilliant creator knows how to display good ideas. This time Nick Offerman, Allison Pill and Sonoya Mizuno star in an exciting mixture of thriller with concepts of computation, philosophy and ethical limits.


Dracula Netflix

The year began with the long-awaited ‘Dracula’. The promise of meeting Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss in top form. Fortunately that was fulfilled with an excellent review of the bloodthirsty undead incarnate, this time by Danish Claes Bang.

'Dracula': how the freest adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic can be at the same time the most faithful

‘Stage 0’

Scenario 0

Irene Escolar and Bárbara Lennie’s theatrical proposal is probably one of the most refreshing anthologies of all this 2020. A selection of theatrical works that go beyond a “Study 1” to offer an immersive experience that takes advantage of the resources of television.

It can be seen on HBO | Review

‘Lady’s Gambit’

Anya Taylor-Joy stars in this delicate miniseries written by Scott Frank. The story of this young chess player and how she navigates through a life of excesses and traumas has become one of the great phenomena of this 2020. And with good reason, since fiction has a spectacular quality.

‘Loop stories’

Tales From The Loop Tftl S1 Unit 101 12537r Rgb

Slow, calm and thoughtful science fiction fable that takes us to a rural setting from another era, or so it seems judging by the aesthetics. Nathaniel Halpern raises a commendable collection of stories, to my taste too traditional, but that recovers a largely lost tradition of the genre.

‘Mrs. America’

Mrs America

This remarkable miniseries, which recounts the feminist struggle for the ratification of the equal rights amendment in the US constitution in the early 1970s, could be recommended if only for the appalling it has. Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Uzo Aduba, Rose Byrne, Margo Martindale, and Tracey Ullman, among others.

‘Normal People’

Normal People

The romantic phenomenon of the year comes from the hand of Sally Rooney and the adaptation of her own book. The love story of two Irish boys, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, receives a dose of depth and intimacy that we can rarely find in a drama of this kind.

The 17 best comedy series of 2020

‘The woodpecker’

Critical Woodpecker

Ethan Hawke co-creates and stars in one of the most ambitious television productions of 2020. A period drama that follows a deranged abolitionist preacher and his freed Onion (Joshua Caleb Johnson) in the tumultuous conflicts that ultimately led to the American Civil War.


Patria 27 De Septi 5f490ca44c698

The adaptation of Fernando Aramburu’s book by Aitor Gabilondo came as the great (and delayed) coming-out of HBO Spain and its original productions. The result is astonishing, with a strong history of terrorism and its aftermath that is supported by a spectacular cast in which Ane Garabain and Elena Irureta stand out.

‘I could destroy you’

Arabella Terry Kwamee Could Destroy You

For me there is no doubt that Micaela Coel’s is one of the series, in general, of the year. It is true that when you read her synopsis, one does not know what to expect and the result is that, through the history of this millennial, we find ourselves with a deep reflection on issues of sexuality, affections and consent.

‘Quiz: The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Scandal?’


James Graham and Stephen Frears are in charge of one of the strongest proposals of this year with a small miniseries that chronicles the real scandal that occurred in the famous British pageant. Michael Sheen, Matthew MacFadyen and Sian Clifford star in it.

‘The last show’

Last Show

The truth is that I did not expect this to become one of the series that I have enjoyed the most this year. The first series of Aragón TV is a mature story and reflection on the decadence of a comedian who lived through better times starring Miguel Tirados himself, better known as Marianico el Corto.


Unorthodox Netflix Photo File

Fascinating journey of survival and escape from an oppressive place in search of new life. An incredible Shira Haas stars in the adaptation of Deborah Feldman’s memoir, which chronicles how she left a strict Jewish community in New York.

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