Like with overwatch its not the game that sucks its the fanbase

Like with overwatch its not the game that sucks its
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Like with overwatch its not the game that sucks its the fanbase

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46 thoughts on “Like with overwatch its not the game that sucks its the fanbase

  1. Fortnite would still be considered good if it wasnt being changed every 45 seconds. Not to mention the obsession with 1-upping itself every season!

  2. Man I still remember how hyped I was for Fortnite when I first saw it. And then I saw all this stuff with building and I never played the game. I bought Series S, installed Fortnite like 4 days ago to check this sweet 120fps mode, played one game that I won for some stupid reason and never started it again. If somehow building will be off from this game I would play it, but with building this game isn’t for me.

  3. Amongst normal, intelligent, civilized adults that don’t play it and of course the players it is already considered a good game. Not everyone’s taste, but still a good game.

    Only childish, toxic dickheads are spreading hate about this game.

    Which is ironic, considering that these people complain about the toxic, childish part of the playerbase.

  4. Or more like “ Fortnite would be a good game if people who wanted to play seriously went into arena, normal players to casual or creative and teammates and enemies not being salty.”

  5. Counter argument: It is people like OP that are the cancer of fanbases. Not even playing the game but trying to talk bad about the enjoyment of others. Everything would be considered good, or at least a lot less bad, if the people that are compulsive backseat nitpicking would just shut the fuck up.

  6. The monetization system is designed to appeal to young kids. Fortnite’s community is toxic because Fortnite’s dev team profits from it.

  7. I play it occasionally but I don’t like it anymore. I have been playing since season 3 and it is sad to see how far it has fallen

  8. Nah, the game legit sucks, it’s a thrown together battle royale mode built from a 4 player co-op horde survival game, that’s the only reason it has a building system that has no place in a BR.

  9. Isn’t this what people thought of Minecraft when it came out? I remember not playing it as a kid because everyone was dunking on the kids that played it. The players just grew up and continued to play.

  10. Fortnite should be remembered as one of the greatest games of all time but its own success turned players against it. The game went from nothing to a global sensation. EVERYONE was playing it, even celebrities. And the best part, it was super easy to play. In fact, it was so easy that even kids 7-10 years old could pick it up and have fun. The dances went viral and soon every kid at school was doing some meme fortnite dance, wearing a fortnite tee-shirt, and getting a Ninja haircut. It’s an incredible success story.

    But that’s only half the story. The devs are truly revolutionary. It is, by far, the most player-friendly monetization of a game ever.
    At the time, loot boxes were the primary way games monetized microtransactions. At a time when CSGO, Rocket League, Overwatch, and even Battlefield had predatory loot boxes, Epic went with a simple skin shop, no crates, no keys, no boxes. And it was hugely successful. The ONLY reason those other games abandoned the loot boxes was because Epic proved they could make just as much or more money with a player-friendly store. They basically invented the “season pass” where you pay for a premium tier of unlockable items over time. Even better, you were able to unlock enough currency from the pass to buy the next pass. Buy one season and get every premium item forever? How could you ask for more?

    And last was the crazy updates. The rate at which Fortnite was updated was unprecedented. Not only did new items drop into the game weekly, but the map itself changed. Nothing like this was done before on this scale. Some games would release new maps every few months, but NO ONE ever did changes like this. New areas were added, old areas were improved, entire new mechanics were introduced every single week. Then they even started doing LIVE events. The rocket launch, the monster fight, the concert… LIVE events for millions of players across thousands of servers happening in real time in the game. What. The. Fuck.

    But now the game is basically ruined because it got so popular that every kid wanted to play it and all the “real gamers”, the teens and 20 somethings, turned against it. Anything that’s cool for 7 year olds can’t also be cool for 20 year olds, and no one wants to play games with annoying kids all the time. So now people shit on it like in this thread because it’s cool to shit on it. The hivemind has passed its judgement.

    Regardless of your opinions on the game’s play mechanics like building and shooting, it should be remembered as one of the most successful and innovative games of all time.

    EDIT: Oh all this and I forgot to mention it was FREE. Epic truly changed the course of modern gaming with Fortnite and its influence will be felt for years and years to come.

  11. Never played so i don’t know about the community (only rumors). But still hate the game for being just a soulless hotpot of everything vaguely geek culture.

    The alpha zombie defense mode was promising, and they just threw it under the bus

  12. Why does the fan base bother you? If you don’t like it don’t participate in the community. I’m almost 30 and my friend and I play casually on the weekends for fun and to catch up. You can play a game without being on the forums or involved in the community.

  13. Kinda the same with shows like R&M

    The fan base is exclusively people who think that “the show has comedy that is only for intellectuals”

  14. As much as Fortnite catches crap due to the cartoon aesthetic and young fan base, it’s solid for what it is. The building mechanics are neat and the game is well optimized. I’ll never leave CSGO or Quake to play it, but I can respect that it’s well put together.

    My one and only reason for hating it is it’s success means Epic will probably never do another proper Unreal Tournament.

  15. Overwatch seems fine to me. Mind you, I play either tank or support exclusively and will laugh at any dps who tell me I’m shit. You picked dps in a game that offers genuine choice – no, of course I’m not healing you as a priority 😂

  16. I liked it a lot till people started building shit 10m towers in 1 second and I could kinda match this but it was morbid a building battle then with guns and I didn’t like that at all

  17. My kids love it. I played the last season with them and had a blast. I had to keep going and get the Logan skin. I enjoy it more than COD battle royale

  18. Fortnite is a good game ruined by its community. I played it before the kids hopped on. It has a nice art style and a pretty cool building system, but it got boring sooooo quickly.

  19. Fortnite would be considered good if so many adults didn’t have complete intolerance for preferences in others that don’t line up with their own.

  20. I loved Fortnite, but I couldn’t handle build fights because I choke alot when it comes to building, but I was pretty good at the shooting aspect of the game.

  21. there is nothing wrong about being a 10 year old there is a problem with being toxic i played with two 7years old they where fun to play with they are not toxic

  22. I supported Save The World with the highest tier founder pack and also the extra ultimate add-on and loot crates after that.

    Then for them to abandon STW in favor of BR.

    Good business move, left a poor taste in my mouth. I want them to support STW equally as much as BR for them to regain my trust.

    Also to reinvest in Unreal Tournament which they killed.

    Also where’s Paragon?

    There’s plenty of reasons to hate Fortnite.
    Its good business but it was a terrible thing for plenty of reasons.

    And yes, kids. I hate kids.

  23. I would agree with this meme, howewer Among Us has the same if not worse fanbase. It’s pretty obnoxious seeing Among Us memes everywhere and cringe “red sus 😂” comments.

  24. IMO Fortnite is good even if it still has 10 year olds playing it.

    Both Minecraft and Fortnite were hated because people somehow are triggered and angry at little kids playing games. Minecraft and Fortnite both had and have cringey clickbait videos made by people in Youtube, had and have a known fanbase of young children and are hated because of their popularity.

    No matter what, like what you like. I see in the comments it’s not for everyone which is fair but don’t go off and shit on it and say you’re a fucking child and shitter if you play it.

  25. …I have to disagree. No I didn’t jump on the bandwagon, in fact I don’t have much of an opinion on the game as I’ve only played it for like 10 hours WAY back when it came out.


    It is part of a flooded genre that is mass produced but not all that good. Oddly despite pubg being the first it is the most unique compared to realm royale, spellbreak, fortnite. Aka the mass produced cartoon shooters that feature…very little to differentiate themselves from each other. Basically do you want the ‘theme’ to be guns or magic.


    The unique thing to fortnite is that instead of focusing on gunplay it is focused on who muscle memoried their way into combination locks that solve ‘who can build a 4 star hotel the fastest’ to the point that when being shot at your first instinct isn’t shooting back/finding cover (like literally every other shooter) it is to become the human macro. Which in turn means the person shooting you also has to abandon the standard shooting game style to also start their record breaking attempt at solving a Rubik’s cube.


    Personally, I’m not a fan of the genre despite trying numerous games. Each round feels exactly the same probably due to everyone being either the exact same character, or even if they are different all of that ‘class’ play exactly the same (class as whether realm where you actually have classes or spell where you have a main weapon that you can’t change). Then as a whole the games feel…slow. Each round may take 15+ minutes but out of the entire thing you are lucky to have 2-3 of them which feel like you are doing something besides going on a scavenger hunt

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