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23 thoughts on “I’ve reached 100 free games on my EPIC Games Account.

  1. Epic has been giving free games for a while and I started collecting them by the end of 2019 to today. I’ve reached 100 games on my account and it really feels like a cool milestone, so I wanted to share it here. Too bad may laptop can’t run 90% of these properly, but I’m really glad to have access to them without resorting to piracy.

    Gaming in Brazil has become quite expensive and I feel like this initative from EPIC is a good way to get people gaming (and obviously using their store). Anyways, have a good day, guys!

  2. Reddit when they pay $70 for a game that gets delayed 15 times and still doesn’t work properly: “wE nEeD tO fOrGiVe ThEm tHey ARe GoOd GUyS”
    Reddit when somebody gets some games for free: “die in a fire you fucking piece of shit”

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