Steam Winter Sale is Now Live

Steam Winter Sale is Now Live
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Steam Winter Sale is Now Live

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48 thoughts on “Steam Winter Sale is Now Live

  1. Not only do I have a backlog that’s miles long but I also have a subscription to gamepass for another year.

    I might not be able to resist this sale completely, but I’m going to try not to buy anymore new games(unless it’s halo infinite) until I bring my backlog down to size.

  2. Ooo disco Elysium for $24 is an awesome buy for those who have not played.( and might be interested). Especially with the Final cut update coming out in March!

  3. Oh man,, Cyberpunk is so fun, forgot Steam sale start today

    Anyway, Like always I’ll try to list Steam New Historical low recommendation here


    [Darq – 80%](

    [Two Point Hospital – 75%](

    [Age of Wonders Planetfall – 75%](

    [Inside – 75%](

    [Sniper Ghost Warriors – 67%](

    [What Remains of Edit Finch – 65%]( ~ Annapurna Bundle extra 10%

    [Generation Zero – 65%](

    [FIFA 21 – 63%](

    [Kingdom Come Deliverance – 60%]( ~ Royal edition 50%

    [Doraemon Story of Seasons – 50%](

    [Draugen – 50%](

    [Desperados III – 50%](

    [Command & Conquer Remastered – 50%](

    [PES 2021 – 50%](

    [Sea of Thieves – 50%](

    [Dusk – 45%](

    [Amid Evil – 45%](

    [Halo Master Chief Collection – 40%]( ~ Standalone also 40% each except ODST 41% for some reason

    [Disco Elysium – 40%](

    [Trials of Mana – 40%](

    [Sayonara Wild Hearts – 40%](

    [Kingdom of Amalur Re-Reckoning – 40%](

    [Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – 35%](

    [Beyond a Steel Sky – 35](

    [Destroys All Humans – 34%](

    [Iron Harvest – 30%](

    [Age of Empires III Definitive – 25%](

    [Yakuza Like a Dragon – 25%](

    [Parkasaurus – 25%](

    [Xuan Yuan Sword VII – 20%](
    not many notable, cmon publisher.. this is supposed to be biggest/2nd biggest sale event on Steam

    also Steam profile upgrade is live

  4. In for Friday the 13th for $3. I know the game is a mess but for that price I’m sure that I can get some enjoyment out of it.

  5. Didn’t the Autumn sale just conclude like a week or so ago? Seems to frequent for sales. Would of rather of had better deals for 1 time.

  6. Think I’ll skip this sale. I spent too money last sale and also bought some games on GOG.

    Only game I really want right now is Hades.

  7. I’ll probably pick up some games, but just got Game Pass for PC for 3 months for $1 and got several games there I want to play before the pass expires.

  8. I mean… kinda meh like always. With every other store also holding sales, Steam is always so underwhelming with its prices.

  9. Here’s some deals I’d recommend. I tried to go for games with significant (i.e. greater than 50%) discounts rather than just listing a bunch of games I like. Though these *are* all games I like and would personally recommend.

    * **Dark Souls 3** is 75% off [link]( Most people probably know about the Souls series by now, but this was my favorite entry in it, with some great level design and an interesting and varied world to explore. You can also get a version with the season pass, which includes both DLCs, for 75% off; the DLCs were quite good in my opinion and include the best boss fight in the game.
    * The **Deus Ex** series is 85% off [link]( All of the games are great bargains, and even though I had some serious problems with Mankind Divided, I have no trouble recommending it for less than $5. These are all great “immersive sim” first-person RPGs that you can play in a variety of different ways. I especially like the way they did side quests in the modern Deus Ex games. There aren’t 50 different fetch quests; rather, each game has about a dozen side quests total that are long and involved, and even in some cases can tie into the main story.
    * **Dishonored 2** is 70% off [link]( One of my favorite games of all time. It’s a fantastic “immersive sim” first-person RPG that gives you a ton of freedom in how you want to approach navigation and challenges. You can be stealthy and never get detected by your foes, or you can run in and use powers and gadgets to slaughter them all. The level design in this game is absolutely fantastic, with a huge focus on verticality to give you lots of options for how to traverse the levels, and an aesthetic that makes you feel like you’re in a real, living city. Definitely check this out if you have any interest in what I just described. Dishonored’s Definitive Edition (which includes the excellent Daud DLCs) is also 70% off, and I would definitely recommend that as well if you haven’t played it yet. Death of the Outsider is also 70% off, and although I didn’t like that game as much as Dishonored 2, it’s probably worth a look for its current price.
    * **Divinity: Original Sin 2** is 60% off [link]( This is a nice, deep RPG with a great turn-based combat system and lots of content. The combat is tactical and offers lots of ways for clever players to gain advantage over their opponents, although there are a couple of elements to it that I don’t like (notably the armor system and the alternating initiative). The story is okay, with good production values, dialogue, and voice acting are good. But the real standout in this game is the NPC quests, which are done well and play out over the course of the whole game, rather than just being something you can knock out in one go. The original Divinity: Original Sin is 65% off, and very much worth a look if you’re a CRPG fan.
    * **DOOM: Eternal** is 67% off [link]( It’s DOOM. You kill demons with powerful guns. What more do I need to say? If you want to play a fast-paced first person shooter where you aren’t afraid of the demons, the demons are afraid of you, you can’t go wrong with this. The 2016 DOOM is 70% off, also very much worth it if you’re an FPS fan.
    * The **Legend of Grimrock** games are 60% off [link]( These are great old-school style dungeon crawlers made in the modern era, so they have good graphics and some modern gameplay conveniences (like automapping, though you can turn this off if you want a real “old-school” experience). You can get a bundle with both games for $12, pretty good deal in my opinion if you’re interested in this type of game. Can’t recommend these enough if you have any interest in dungeon crawlers.
    * **Prey** is 70% off [link]( Another great “immersive sim” first-person RPG from Arkane Studios, Prey focuses on you exploring a space station where something has gone horribly wrong. If the setting sounds familiar, well…. It is. But the level design is top-notch, and the skill system offers you a ton of options for how to get around and deal with challenges. There’s tons of great exploration available here. The Mooncrash DLC is 60% off, and IMO is worth a look, as the concept is very cool, with you running characters through a simulation over and over with the ultimate goal of getting them all to escape the station in one run.
    * **The Talos Principle** is 90% off [link]( This is a great puzzle game with a LOT of cool puzzle content, an interesting story, and a very chill atmosphere. If you want to relax and solve puzzles in a beautiful world, give this game a look. The Road to Gehenna DLC is also 90% off, and this is also well worth checking out if you liked the base game, though be warned that it kicks the puzzle difficulty up a notch.
    * **The Witness** is 75% off [link]( This is an interesting puzzle game that centers on one simple mechanic (connect a line from the start point to the end point), but it uses this concept in many different ways throughout the game, with mechanics being added as the game progresses. There are 11 different areas and each puts a different spin on the line puzzles. The game is also really beautiful, quite, and contemplative.
    * The **XCOM series** is 75% off [link]( This means the “rebooted” XCOM games, XCOM: Enemy Unknown (or Enemy Within), and XCOM 2 (or War of the Chosen). These are fun squad-based, turn-based tactical games with a strategic layer as well (though this strategic layer is the weakest part of these games in my opinion). Worth checking out if you like the idea of building and upgrading squads of soldiers to take on an alien menace. Most of the older XCOM games are heavily discounted as well.

    Hope people find some things they’re interested in here. I’ll update this comment if I find more deals.

  10. I’m a bit disappointed Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t have a deeper discount. I was hoping to see it hit half price this sale.

  11. I just spent £75 on the DOOM Franchise, Wolfenstein Alternative History Bundle, Command & Conquer 3 & Kane’s Wrath, Red Alert 3, Axiom Verge and Star Wars Empire at War

  12. This is 100% dumb nitpicking but I’m disappointed there’s no animation this time around in the main sale banner? The last few have had it and it makes the page feel a bit less static.

  13. Hi guys, I always post the Hidden Gems Megathread over on /r/gamingsuggestions, so you can check it out [Here](

    However, Im also going to list the new games Ive added to the list between the last thread and this one, for those who have already seen the main list.


    **NEW GAMES**


    [Popup Dungeon]( – $18.74 (*-25% off*) – Very Positive | *412 reviews* : A top down dungeon crawler roguelite with absolute freedom of creation tools. Create, or download, custom campaigns, enemies, heroes, skills, and more.

    [DYSMANTLE]( – $15.99 (*-20% off*) – Overwhelmingly Positive | *954 reviews* : A Zombie survival game that plays more like an ARPG, with a healthy dose of exploration and mystery. Incredibly early in EA, so may be worth waiting on if you want a full experience.

    [Snakebird]( – $3.49 (*-50% off*) – Overwhelmingly Positive | *528 reviews* : A deceptively cute puzzle game that will destroy your brain with its difficult puzzles. They released an easier take on the game with Snakebird Primer

    [Super Cloudbuilt]( – $2.99 (*-85% off*) – Very Positive | *132 reviews* : Fast paced parkour 3d platformer.

    [Cogmind]( – $17.99 (*-10% off*) – Very Positive | *674 reviews* : An incredibly polished roguelike all about creating weird builds and swapping out your machine’s parts as you come across new ones, and your old ones degrade.

    [Element TD 2 – Multiplayer Tower Defense]( – $8.99 (*-10% off*) – Very Positive | *265 reviews* : A deep tower defense game straight out of Warcraft 3 from the original devs. Has Solo play and multiple ways to play online: Coop, Duels, and Free For All Survival

    [Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition]( – $7.49 (*-50% off*) – Very Positive | *693 reviews* : An RPGMaker JRPG with great art, memorable characters, and a good story.

    [Metamorphosis]( – $9.99 (*-60% off*) – Very Positive | *159 reviews* : A Kafka~esque adventure puzzle walking sim. Has a Demo

    [Prodigal]( – $7.99 (*-20% off*) – Very Positive | *36 reviews* : A masterfully done homage to the old Legend of Zelda games, harking back to Oracle of Ages/Seasons on the Game Boy Color

    [Ikenfell]( – $15.99 (*-20% off*) – Very Positive | *210 reviews* : A turn based rpg set in a magic school. Lots of charm and heart in the characters

  14. Anyone know how wolcen is these days? Reviews seem to be kinda meh.. I am interested since the next season of PoE is still a month away..

  15. Bah, I was hoping the Attack on Titan games would get a discount, especially now that season 4 has just kicked off.
    If anyone spots an offer on another site, feel free to PM me.

  16. My Acquisitions:

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Sea of Thieves

    Shadowrun Returns

    Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

    All for about 40 bucks. I’m content

  17. I see no one mentioning the deep discounts on Total War Series….

    I recommend any of them (I do not own Three Kingdoms, myself)

  18. Some titles I’ve rarely (or never) seen go on sale:

    [Horizon Zero Dawn]( is $40; 20% off.

    [Nier Automata]( is $20; 50% off.

    [Octopath Traveler]( is $30; 50% off.

    [Trials of Mana]( is $30; 40% off.

    All of these are on my wishlist, and the temptation is high.

  19. Picked up Yakuza 0 and The Outer Worlds, pretty excited for both.

    Notably, Disco Elysium seems to be at one of the bigger discounts that I’ve seen it at to date, in case anybody’s interested.

  20. Just wanted to let people know before buying from steam please check other sites such as, fanatical or GMG which sometimes have cheaper prices on things and will still be via steam key. These are official keys like not key site like G2A.

    Example was going buy Yakuza games, Yakuza Kiwami is $5.7CDN on on fanatical and $15CDN on Steam. Yakuza Kiwami 2 $8.57CDN on fanatical and $20CDN on steam. These are cheaper and still actives on steam .

  21. I wanted this sale to happen initially (New PC gamer), then I realized I’m weird. I can’t own more than one or two games at a time that I actually want to play. Right now I have CP2077, Cold War & Overwatch and I spend a lot of time just trying to decide which one I want to play. I couldn’t imagine having more options lol.

  22. Got a real good haul this year I think:

    Completed my AC Collection with Brotherhood and Revelations

    Dark Souls II

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Watch_Dogs 1

    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    And I really wanted the Game of Thrones virtual board game, even though it’s not too much on sale.

    For $75, I’d say those 7 games are well worth it

  23. Grabbed an oculus quest 2 for christmas and nabbed great prices on both alyx and squadrons. can’t wait to play both!
    VR is blowing my mind tbh, expected it to be cool, didn’t expect it to be THIS cool

  24. Me just on the fence between dark souls 3 and doom eternal one has more playability other has music inducing adrenaline

  25. Got subnautica, senuas sacrifice, portal 2, firewatch. I now have most of the games I wanted that I will never have time to play.

  26. I cant really spend any money but id like to have a xmas gift for myself. Ill probably just end up buying Doom Eternal and AOE III DE.

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