The 23 best movies, series and documentaries about video games that you can watch on Netflix and other streaming services

The 23 best movies, series and documentaries about video games that you can watch on Netflix and other streaming services
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It happens to all of us. We have a couple of free hours and we want to disconnect, prepare some popcorn and watch a movie or dive in in a new series. So, we went into Netflix and there she is, waiting for us: the paradox of choice before an almost inexhaustible catalog and how long it takes us to get to see anything. Because unless there’s a big premiere, that’s – like Thanos would say– inevitable.

Precisely for this reason, and because we have also seen ourselves in those, in Extra Life we have a proposal to make. Or rather, a selection made up of 23 proposals in the form of films, series and documentaries so that you go at a fixed shot and without deviating too much. All of them duly accompanied by their corresponding trailer.

Adaptations in the key of anime, productions that revolve around our favorite video games and some examples that Hollywood has also been successful when it comes to bringing our favorite games to the big screen.

The premise for this selection is twofold: that they are included in some Video on Demand as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO and that they are really entertaining to watch. So, unfortunately, we won’t find the first movie of Mortal Kombat, but neither DOOM, Far cry and other similar productions.

All the video game movies that will hit theaters and streaming services

Without further ado, and with the comments section to expand the list, we offer you the 23 best series, films and documentaries inspired by video games.


Borrowing the aesthetics of the anime and the plot of Castlevania III, Netflix turned Konami’s saga of metroidvanias into its own flagship of video game adaptations for the small screen. A must for fans of the classics with three seasons available and a fourth in the oven.

We summarize the history of Castlevania, the Netflix series, so you can catch up in ten minutes (or less)

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic

Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Graham McTavish star and lend their voice to the animated feature film with which EA wrapped the launch of Dante’s Inferno, being a twisted vision in the key of dark fantasy -with a double dose of action- of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

Produced by Capcom in collaboration with the Madhouse studio, the first of 12 episodes of Devil May Cry: The Animated Series premiered on June 14, 2007 and hasn’t aged badly at all: all the fury of the acclaimed hack’n slash in the key of manganime.

Dragon Quest: Your Story

Dragon quest is synonymous with success in Japan, and Toho knows it well. This very free adaptation of the fifth installment (unreleased in the West for years and originally released in 1992) deviates from the designs of Akira Toriyama, but -in return- it will surprise fans of the Enix Corporation saga.

Final Fantasy: Dad of Light

More than an adaptation to the small screen of Final Fantasy XIV, this miniseries, divided into eight parts, tells the story of a son and his father who, through the Square Enix MMORPG, rekindle their own family bond.

The day I fell in love with Final Fantasy

Hi Score: The World of Videogames

The team of Great big story offers us a six-episode journey from the origins of the iconic Space invaders up to the sweeper DOOM phenomenon, with the testimonies of several of the great protagonists of the history of the video game as a great claim and its bright carefree tone.

High Score: the good, the bad and what we miss in the documentary on the history of the Netflix video game

Hi Score Girl

Animated by JCStaff, Hi Score Girl is a tribute to arcades and their most popular furniture during the boom of Street fighter ii and, at the same time, the adaptation of a manga that will awaken sympathy and blessed nostalgia among those who lived those days.

In summer and more than 20 years ago: this is how we play Street Fighter for the first time

League of Legends: Origins

League of Legends It is not a simple video game: it is a phenomenon with multiple dimensions. And the documentary League of Legends: Origins, Produced by Netflix itself, it takes us by the hand from the beginning of the game to its preferred position as eSport.

Marvel at the millionaire figures of the 2015 League of Legends World Championship

Bonus Phase: Minecraft: Story Mode

That you see Minecraft: Story Mode as bonus phase It has its reason: it is the playable version from Netflix of the Telltale Games game. A series? A video game? A movie-game? With a little bit of all three, this unusual adventure will delight fans of Minecraft.

The most amazing creations, initiatives (and crazy things) that have been made in Minecraft

We don’t like Captain Morcilla! (The Golden Age of Spanish software)

The videogame Made in Spain could not be missing in our selection. We don’t like Captain Morcilla!, originally released in 2015, will steal a smile – or two – from those who lived through that crazy period known as The Golden Age of Spanish software.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Movies about Pokemon there is an outrage. In fact, you can almost say that a new one opens in Japan every year. But Detective Pikachu is by far the most unique of all: through Pikachu, Ryan ‘Deadpool‘Reynolds fills the screen with charisma and self-confidence.

Detective Pikachu: 33 curiosities and references to enjoy it and make the most of it

Pokémon: Indigo League (Season 1)

The animated series of Pokemon It seems to have been with us a lifetime, and the opening theme of its first season is practically an anthem. On Netflix you can find tons of episodes with which to watch a thousand and once Team Rocket doing his lead, starting from the first episode.

Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Disney not only dared to adapt the Ubisoft saga to the big screen, but he did it in a very dignified way. Straddling the classic 128-bit systems and the live-action remake of Aladdin, with the best of both.

Rampage project

The trajectory of The rock makes it difficult to make a list of more than ten films without showing one way and another, and even though neither DOOM neither Jumanji passed the cut -for something will be-, their version with extra action of Rampage deserves a position on its own merits.

Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg directs and adapts the love letter to the video games of Ernest cline with your help and approval, offering a whole popcorn visual festival with countless winks per minute. Quite a surprise, even if we come from the novel.

These are all the video games that appear in Ready Player One, the geek novel par excellence

Break up ralph

Disney brings together all the great stars of video games around his own arcade villain: Ralph is huge, surly and capable of destroying everything he touches, but sometimes he is a bad it can also be good.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

Edgar Wright himself (who showed off with the cornetto trilogy) directs and adapts the comic that worships the sacred cows for PC and desktop. A story exquisitely geeky that takes advantage of the unbridled style and rhythm of the British ruler.

Silent Hill

The big screen adaptation of the Resident Evil saga has its pluses and minuses, but that of Silent Hill, Despite its licenses, it seeks to offer its fans what shook them on consoles. Without so much psychological terror, of course, but with its own successes.

Sonic: the movie

When Jeff Fowler presented the Sonic that we would see on the big screen, his appearance he did not leave us indifferent. When he finally hit the billboards – with his traditional design– neither: Sonic: The Movie has the honor of being the movie based on a video game with best premiere in history.

Sonic x

Animated series based on the SEGA standard-bearer there’s a lot. Since Sonic BOOM (also available on Netflix) to their 90s adaptations. In fact, there is a new animated project in the oven. Of course, beyond the web series of Sonic mania adventures, the bar to beat is anime Sonic X.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the spirit of SEGA made a video game

The witcher

With The witcher we have taken a license, we are aware of it. The Netflix series is primarily based on the work of Andrzej Sapkowski. However, that does not mean that video game fans go enjoy this Geralt of Rivia played by Henry ‘Superman‘Cavill.


Tron It is a classic. Released in 1982 (although it would hit Spanish theaters the following year), this science fiction adventure dares to imagine what the universe inhabited by video games is like, giving us iconic scenes.

By the way, in Disney + it is also possible to see its sequel And till an animated series based on your universe.

Disney + in video game code: 41 titles for consoles based on their series, movies and characters

Extra Ball: The Story of Game 40

We close with something very different and even more special: The Story of Game 40 is a must-see retrospective for all listeners of the legendary show the main 40 dedicated to video games. A transgressive format which was decisive in cementing journalism about the passion that videogames are.

In fact, you won’t have to go anywhere to see it: this sensational documentary, lasting just over an hour, that reunites the original radio crew was published in Nebulared’s YouTube channel and you can enjoy it totally free just above.

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