Apple to announce goodbye to Intel processors to integrate its own chips at WWDC 2020, according to Bloomberg

Apple to announce goodbye to Intel processors to integrate its own chips at WWDC 2020, according to Bloomberg

He said it already in 2018 and there are more and more clues that the well-known filter Mark Gurman hit the spot on Apple’s transition in its processors : it will be 2020 when those from Cupertino say goodbye to Intel chips to put their own in computers, as we read in Bloomberg . This follows a row of information that placed the arrival of desktop computers and laptops with their own processor in 2021, now that the date of WWDC 2020 is just approaching .

According to the well-known editor, this will be the appointment to publicize what will be Apple’s third major transition talking about processors. Making a brief reminder, first we saw that it was passed from Motorola 68k to PowerPC and later from PowerPC to Intel, and the next thing is for Apple to stop depending on this giant of processors so that computers also mount chips from the house.

ARM-based Macs follow the expected schedule (based on leaks)

The new information comes about two weeks before one of the main Apple events, which this year will not pass as before, due to the need for personal distancing and isolation to stop the spread of the coronavirus . Thus, this conference “for developers” (which continues to be the case, but which each year has captured the attention of more types of public) will be a virtual event on June 22 .

Updates to the operating systems of the house ( iOS , iPadOS , tvOS , macOS and watchOS ) are usually presented at this event , but the hardware has not been strange at all, especially in recent years and according to what Gurman says, the company is preparing the announcement of the move to ARM-based chips , a different architecture than Intel’s that has long been rumored for at least one Mac in 2021.

The unbearable inevitability of the MacBook ARM

A manufacture that would be in charge of TSMC and that apparently would be based on 5 nanometers, in fact the latest information on this manufacturer spoke of the manufacture from 2024 of these chips in the United States . More and more pieces fit into this puzzle that contains an interesting technological and business movement, leaving Intel without this business.

Macbook pro

In the new information they keep that code name for the ARM processor development project, “Kalamata”, explaining that at WWDC developers will be given directions in time to adapt their work for the 2021 Macs. to say is that Apple would have been working on three different processors based on the next Apple A14 and the future iPhone ¿12 ?, reaching 12 cores (eight of them high-performance, four more efficient).

So the interesting matter is set for a somewhat different developer conference. As always, we will be attentive to tell you everything in detail and as soon as they announce it, waiting for that bulk of news especially focused on the software.



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